Silver S Series

The NVS Sound silver conductors are highly specialized in production, and unique to NVS Sound only.  As such, the standard stereotypes of the performance of silver conductors do not apply.  The bass performance is much fuller as well as tighter, and the highs are not highlighted but smoothly extended.  Many blind testers that are firmly rooted in silver sounding a certain way always pick the NVS Silver Series products as being copper!

Silver Inspire S Series

The Silver Inspire S series is the ultimate in performance with a relaxed, deep presentation, authoritative bass, extended treble, gripping musicality, and amazing detail that exists without being the center of attention. Very smooth and quick with a lot of body, the Silver S Series is the utmost in audio reproduction.

Silver 1S Series

The Silver 1S Series utilizes the same powder/stacking technology as the Copper 1 Series, simply with silver conductors.  The result is a smoother frequency response from bass to treble, as well as more natural detail and larger soundstage.

Silver 2S Series

The Silver 2S cables use the same powders as the Copper 2S, but have a little extra smoothness, and additional bass and treble extension.