Recommended Products

Over the years, NVS Sound has come into contact with other manufacturers that create equipment that we find exceptional in their musical expression.  We are happy to announce that we are now able to recommend, and provide some of these fabulous offerings through these partnerships.


The Stenheim speaker products are by far the finest that NVS Sound has encountered.  The dynamics, tonality, and organic musicality align with the goals of NVS Sound.  The Stenheim FIVEs are used in the NVS reference system.  Contact us to find the Stenheim product that best fits your need!

InnuOS Music Servers

There are many computer/media servers on the market, and NVS Sound has used several different brands.  However, when we encountered the InnuOS offerings, we were very impressed!  The tonality, spaciousness, and lush musicality present across all their products is truly special.  Contact us for the help in finding the InnuOS product that is right for you!


Linnenberg products are hand made in Germany, and represent excellent performance for the investment.  The dynamics, bass control, and spaciousness are all well above normal offerings at the same price point.  Contact us for more information.