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CH Precision

CH Precision is truly in a class of their own.  Their components are so highly resolute and natural, they cause the world to fade away as the presence of the performer enters your room.  From the I1 universal integrated amplifier to a full component system, you will never lose out on the inspiration that wells from the musician’s soul.  CH Precision components are also modular in design, providing protection over your investment. 

They are able to be updated in the future without the hassle of trading in or up, and furthermore, the cost of an upgrade is the same as if the purchase had originally been for the upgraded configuration.  So with complete confidence, sit back, relax, and enjoy the performance.  The curtain will be fully lifted, stage well lit, and nothing left to the imagination as you simply feel the passion flow over you.  Email us to see which CH Precision components best fit your needs.



In the first year that NVS Sound was in operation, a client asked Nathan which speaker he thought did everything he wanted.  There was no answer at that time, given that Nathan had not experienced or held the belief that such a unicorn existed.  The first time he heard Stenheim 8 years later, it was the small Alumine 2 monitors that captured his attention.  They were so dynamic, full bodied, yet undistorted, and the voice was replicated so well that you could finally hear all the nuance and shaping that particular artist was doing that made that particular performance magical. 

Of course, monitors are famous for imaging, but the 2s were truly elite.  The Alumine 3’s and 5’s add more bass extension and dynamics while also conveying all of the imaging and airiness the 2’s possess. Renew your relationship with music – email us for an appointment to hear any of these speakers.



Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) is a redefinition of the conventional audio rack.  In fact, to call it a rack is almost an insult of simplicity.  HRS employs many techniques of vibration isolation, funneling, and damping to best cover all forms of occurrence and transference.  Given that vibration control has always been at the heart of everything NVS Sound developed, this technology is especially near and dear to NVS Sound.

It is no surprise to find that the HRS products reduce noise across the entire audible frequency range.  Additionally, the resulting expansive, three dimensional soundstage is larger than expected, and the bass control and impact affect overall musicality of every system in surprising ways.  Every system has different needs and HRS recognizes that.  As such, they provide many tools to ensure your system is completely optimized.  Contact us to lift the curtain on your musical experience, .



Audioquest is one of the largest names in the cable industry, as well as one with a long history.  Many people have experienced an Audioquest cable at one time or another.  One curse that a company of such long-standing history incurs is that initial impressions can remain permanent, and if an insufficient or uneducated recommendation of product results in a subpar experience, that first impression can be resistant to change.  As such, Audioquest has been one of the more recent surprises to NVS Sound.

The Niagara 7000 was presented to NVS Sound for evaluation, accompanied with a tutorial on the features and capabilities.  Experimenting with the CH Precision A1.5 plugged straight to the wall, a different brand power conditioner, or plugged into the high current outlet of the Niagara 7000 with the Power Transient circuit engaged, the Niagara 7000’s dynamic range, grip over the bass frequencies, as well as smooth high frequency extension were radically improved over other configurations.  There were no side steps in performance.  Single vocals snap into place right in front of you, express huge dynamic range, and never feel like they claw at you.  This truly impressive feat inspired NVS Sound to audition the cable offerings of Audioquest.  The synergy with the CH Precision gear and Stenheim speakers were so tangible and obvious, it became an absolute necessity to carry the Audioquest brand.  Given NVS Sound’s extensive cable design background, it allows for special insight into which cable might be the precise match for your configuration.  Contact us and unlock your system’s potential with specialized guidance into the revelatory experience Audioquest can provide. 


There are many computer/media servers on the market, and NVS Sound has used several different brands.  However, when we encountered the InnuOS offerings, we were very impressed!  The tonality, spaciousness, and lush musicality present across all their products is truly special.  Contact us for the help in finding the InnuOS product that is right for you!


LinnenberG products are hand made in Germany, and represent excellent performance for the investment.  The dynamics, bass control, and spaciousness are all well above normal offerings at the same price point.  Contact us for more information.