What to Expect

NVS Sound tests each cable and then runs a specially formulated signal to assist in break-in before we ship any cables. This results in a cable that works perfectly and sounds good straight out of the box. 

However, we have found that our customers still experience a break-in process. In the first 10-20 hours the cables will be fairly well-balanced and detailed, though a little light in bass, a little rolled off in the treble, and feel a little constricted in dynamics. After 100 hours of run in time, 95% of this will disappear, the soundstage will be much larger, and the presentation will feel much more relaxed and possess more authority than hinted at in the beginning. 

Many customers find that the cables continue to get better as time goes by, but about 1 in 10 find that at around the 200-300 hour mark, they lose bass again, and the constriction comes back. We don’t know why this happens, but by 400 hours, the cables will reward you for this disappointment with performance that is easily twice that of it’s best point previously. 

We thank you for your patience through this process, and hope you experience the NVS Sound we have grown accustomed to, the Sound of Inspiration!