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Lifting the curtain between performance and audience

NVS Sound is governed by these primary objectives:

* Developing a personal relationship with each client with the intention to serve and fulfill the client’s needs completely both now and well into the future.

* Establish a clear and transparent communication channel.

* Transparency. We offer a no surprises business approach. We provide written proposals and system auditions so only fully understood and experienced systems are purchased.

* Every person will be completely comfortable with each function and operation of their system.


PHASE 1 – Opening Communications

Email outreach: Initial contact with NVS Sound is done through email.  During this introductory communication, we ask about your ultimate goal with your sound system.  We inquire as to what stage of your journey towards that goal you are currently in and what constraints need to be considered.  Specifically, we’re curious about the room size and budget considerations.


Appointment setting: An appointment with Nathan Vander Stoep himself is scheduled, either in person or by phone.  Resulting from this conversation, Nathan will draft a recommendation for a system.


Proposal: A proposal containing the system components, price, and set up is emailed to the client.  The proposal serves two purposes.  Primarily, to confirm system and assembly configuration.  Also, provide dialogue opportunities to ensure all expectations and preferences have been captured.

PHASE 2 – In Person Consultation

System Audition: We schedule a time for you to audition the system being proposed.  The location is either at NVS Sound facilities or in your own home when possible.  We will do our best to put together the exact system you are interested in purchasing.


System Evaluation: During this audition of your system, you will again work with Nathan personally to evaluate the system.  Changes will be made to better understand your relationship to the system, your priority list in system performance, and then to offer changes that suit your tastes more fully.  This allows you to have a personal experience with the decisions you make and complete understanding of the outcome.

PHASE 3 – Purchase

Invoice: NVS Sound will send an invoice.  Upon receipt of full payment, the system components are ordered.  


Correspondence: Email correspondence will be sent with updates on the manufacturing process including tracking numbers and estimated arrival times.  This time frame can be as short as 2-3 weeks, and as long as 3-4 months depending on the complexity and size of the system and at what point in the manufacturing cycle it is ordered.  


You will always be informed on how the process is unfolding, and any changes that may change the initial estimation.

PHASE 4 – Installation

System Installation: When the last component to the system is scheduled to be shipped, NVS Sound will schedule a day as close to the arrival of the last component with you for Nathan to install the system.  This initial set up is to make sure you understand all the features and operability of your system, and that you feel comfortable accessing it all by yourself.  The speakers will be set as close to the final position as they can be while the system is broken in.


Final Setup Installation: It is strongly recommended to schedule a final setup 3-4 months later.  This is due to the system ‘break-in’ speaker placement and amplifier settings may change.  This final set up is arranged with Nathan and will be accompanied by another tech specifically trained in dialing in systems.  This is a highly recommended service as it will truly maximize the investment already made.

PHASE 5 – Enjoy!

Enjoy your music!!!  NVS Sound is committed to your enjoyment.  As such, our commitment is to assist you with any issues that arise.  If your idea of audio nirvana changes, we are able to support the shift in your vision.  We at NVS Sound look forward to being a lifelong partner in your musical journey!