Copper S Series

The ‘S’ stands for ‘stacked’ alluding to the placement of our premium Inspire powders in the most strategic placement in the cable geographically.  This placement is the reason that all cables in the ‘S’ series have directionality.

Copper Inspire S

With the creation of the Inspire powder and new conductor design, the Inspire series reaches a level of musicality and involvement that previously been thought impossible.  The Inspire cables were not developed just to hear more, but to FEEL more, and the result is truly rewarding.  Truly, these cables produce the mission statement of NVS Sound, The Sound of Inspiration!

Copper 1S Series

The Copper 1S Series offers the heaviest powder weight that also incorporates shielding even into the X-ray frequency range in addition to the stacked Inspire powder. This series has all the typical audiophile desires.  Large soundstage, macro and micro details, power, dynamics, all are among the common adjectives used to describe this series, but they reside as a side effect from the most important goal: Music. 

Copper 2S Series

The Copper 2S Series is based around larger gauge conductors than the Copper 3S series, and a more advanced powder for vibration control. Though only slightly heavier, the powder in this series is much smaller per particle (12-44 micron), more varied in size, and does not allow a crystal lattice structure to form between particulates, thus eliminating transferred resonance through the powder itself.  The result a is more refined, more dynamic presentation, a lower noise floor, and a musicality that tube lovers gravitate to.

Copper 3S Series
The Copper 3S cables are the first cables in the NVS line to take advantage of our ‘Stacked’ technology, applying Inspire powder strategically to bring the essence of our Inspire cables into a more friendly budget.  From the minute they are plugged in, they begin to make toes tap everywhere!