The Sound of 


Lifting the curtain between performance and audience

The story of NVS Sound begins with Nathan Vander Stoep.  Born into a musical family, Nathan was consistently exposed to music.  His personal musical journey began on trumpet at the age of five, switching to trombone at eight.  With his father as his teacher and young age of immersion, he progressed quickly, winning many honors and awards through school.  Simultaneously, he was drawn to ballet after watching Baryshnikov dance at the age of ten. Receiving Russian training during his school years, Nathan was offered and accepted a job with Colorado Ballet directly out of high school. 

The following 11 years of professional dance cultivated a maturation in his relationship with music.  The everyday expression of emotions without speech, active collaboration with live musicians to feel their inspiration and add his own through movement, created a unique perspective and experience with high end audio.  If he couldn’t feel the musician’s expression, he was completely disconnected with the music. Simply hearing notes was not sufficient, and the search for the Sound of Inspiration began.

Nathan Vander Stoep


He began exploring the effects of vibration in cables in his own system and within a year had made significant advancements that many in the industry around him strongly encouraged him to start a company based on the new technology.  NVS Sound was born and first demonstrated at CES in 2010. Nathan specifically named the company NVS Sound instead of NVS Cables due to the vision for the company. His vision for NVS Sound extended beyond cable technology and ultimately, on music reproduction.

That day has finally arrived.  The vision has been fulfilled. NVS Sound is happy to present the pinnacle of music re-creation, utilizing CH Precision, Stenheim, Audioquest, and HRS.  Rounding out the stable are InnuOS and LinnenberG. All of these brands are capable of lifting the curtain, allowing the musicians to speak to you directly.