The story of NVS Sound begins with Nathan Vander Stoep. Born into a musical family, Nathan Vander Stoep was constantly exposed to music. His personal musical journey began on trumpet at the age of five, broadening to trombone at eight. With his father as his teacher, he progressed quickly, winning many honors and awards through school, and even performing with a professional symphony periodically through his high school years.

At the same time, he was drawn to ballet after watching Baryshnikov dance at the age of ten.  Nathan was offered and accepted a job with Colorado Ballet directly out of high school.  During the following 11 years of dancing professionally, he learned the joy of performing with musicians he knew, expressing the passion through movement that they put into their instruments, and most rewarding of all, connecting with the audience in a way that changed every performance.  Over 550 Nutcrackers, but not a single one was the same due to all these variables.  Watching performance video was an integral part of improving his art, and it was always a shock to all dancers involved at how much emotion and energy was lost in these reproductions.

Towards the end of his ballet career, having never quit playing, Nathan began to guest perform and sub into small orchestras around his home ballet company.  When listening to the recordings of those events, even on a system that cost many thousands of dollars, the complete lack of passion was so evident that it inspired a new focus.

Nathan began researching audio reproduction, and upon stumbling across a website about basic principles of electricity and losses through vibration, the thought of making cables himself was born. Nathan’s very first power cord surprised him beyond all measure, topping a high dollar cord in his system. The new cable corrected the very thing that always drove him crazy – at last the timbres of the instruments were authentic!

The real key to the improvement was summed up by a visiting friend however, who commented that ‘the system is really swinging, it has never done that before!’ It was true, and knowing the investment of time, sweat, and tears professional musicians make, Nathan thought it a shame that very few people ever hear that special something they put into their art. With the new cables, the stereo system was able to  begin to capture the essence of inspiration that the musicians expressed. With the new cables, the stereo system was able to begin to capture the essence of inspiration that the musicians expressed.
Today, Nathan and his team build what some customers call ‘magic’ cables, and offer them to music lovers and audiophiles seeking the finest home stereo sound. Founded by a musician, for music lovers, to  unite their inspirations.