The Sound of 


Lifting the curtain between performance and audience

The air crackles with excitement, drums pounding, violins furiously sawing away with a desperation to be heard through the magnificent wall of sound provided by the brass section.  The conductor makes one movement. And suddenly there is complete silence – leaving the room still with inspiration. As the feeling dissipates, you slowly open your eyes, only to find yourself startled to be in your own home.  You can still feel the atmosphere of the auditorium – alive with energy.  


NVS Sound is solely focused on creating this experience in every home.  Over many years, the primary instrument used to accomplish this task was cable technology developed in-house.  However, as new technologies have presented themselves, NVS Sound has gathered an entire ensemble to rise to the occasion.  Insider perspective and personal relationships with manufacturers at the forefront of the sonic frontier, combined with an intense passion for musicality, emotional impact, and an experience that speaks to the soul, NVS Sound creates an audience experience paralleled only by live music.


What does this mean?  NVS Sound has moved beyond cable manufacturing.  In partnership with a select few of the highest performing companies in the industry, NVS Sound now provides full system configuration and assembly.  We design systems that not only meet your goals and perform to your expectations, but we also ensure your confidence with every aspect of functionality, adaptability, and performance available to you.  NVS Sound is with you every step of the way: initially and as your preferences grow or simplify over time. Our commitment is to align your musical experience with whatever your current needs may be. 


Who benefits from these services?  Recording artists, audience members, and anyone involved or affected by music.  It might be easier to say everyone, but each person’s relationship to music and the process of sharing or enjoying it is different.  


Due to personal frustration of experiencing the loss of emotional impact during the recording process, NVS Sound is especially passionate about working with recording artists and studios.  


NVS Sound is equally passionate about working with audience members who attended the original event, yet fail to recognize the recording when it arrives in their home.  


Finally, NVS Sound is the most passionate about reigniting the emotional spectrum within any person that has an ear to hear.  Music touches us all. It is healing. Expressive. Calming. Inspiring. And oftentimes, music is the one thing that says everything when there are no words to share.


How do I start? Easy! Send us a message and provide your current needs, room configuration, budget considerations, and anything else you think is important. Our next steps include scheduling a phone conversation to delve into the possibilities together.